The developer of this site is providing learners worldwide with free or low-cost tools which help users to improve efficiency of learning.  Currently tools are developed for Android platform only.  Requests, opinions, feedback, even complaints from users are indispensable to improve the tools.  Please feel free to post your comments in the "Requests and Comments" page.

The operation of this site is a volunteer activity.  We'd like to provide products free of charge or just enough charge to sustain hardware environment for development.

Product Design Concept


Users don't want to spend any time to study how to use the tools, but just want to study their own target themes. So the design philosophy of the products here is to use concepts and interfaces which are already familiar to most of the users.

We use popular open source products as much as possible. If Android provides standard components such as widgets, we use them.  If any quality concepts or designs available outside of Android and if we believe they help users, we will do our best efforts to implement them on Android.

We try to cover most of Android diverse platforms, but it is not easy.  Any feedback about user experience on a specific platform would be highly appreciated. We will test and fix problems as long as technically and financially it makes sense.


About product support


Although products are mostly free of charge, we'd like to do our best to fix critical problems as soon as possible.  In order to accomplish this, information from users is most important.

When Android application crushes, freezes such as ANR, you might see a report button on the screen. Unfortunately that button only send very limited information to the developers.  Most of the cases, it's almost impossible to fix troubles based on it.  How this happened, what kind of operations you did, what kind of devices you use, or any other your observations and information will help us to work on the problems.

We appreciate your contribution.


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